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    the emporium is now accessible on both levels by wheelchairs. the shop front already had a from-street ramp, but we have now installed one further in which takes you to the small second level in the space. the incline is quite steep, please be warned, and unfortunately the toilet which we fixed up is not a big space, and there are no handles. we would love any feedback, input and advice as to how to make the space more accessible to anyone. please email!
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Stick Figures by Tim Floyd: 10th -17th April

10th – 17th  Apr: Tim Floyd solo show – Stick Figures

Hello. You are invited to my exhibition at the Emporium this April.

‘Stick Figures’ is a collection of new sculptures and installations that pay homage to the continuous natural processes of decay and regeneration and the relationships between human beings and our surrounding environment.

The materials used to construct this artwork have been found in and foraged from the local woodlands, scrublands and byways of east Bristol. Some materials have been chanced upon whilst walking or cycling, some gleaned whilst immersing myself for 24 hour periods in four of the city’s ‘wilder’ locations, some have been grown and harvested on my allotment.

‘Stick Figures’ features: sculpture, drawing, photography, twigs, logs, leaves, bones, forgotten bicycles, wooden eyeballs, lumbering limbs and the unsettling sound of Rooks bickering.

The show runs from Saturday 10th – Saturday 17th April 2010. 10am – 6pm daily. (Except for Sunday 11/4/10, 2pm – 6pm.)

There’ll be an opening preview on Friday 9th 7pm – 10pm with drinks, snacks and decomposing disc jockey.

I look forward to seeing you there.



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