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    the emporium is now accessible on both levels by wheelchairs. the shop front already had a from-street ramp, but we have now installed one further in which takes you to the small second level in the space. the incline is quite steep, please be warned, and unfortunately the toilet which we fixed up is not a big space, and there are no handles. we would love any feedback, input and advice as to how to make the space more accessible to anyone. please email!
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Greek Solidarity Info-Event Wed 28th Apr 7.30-11pm

Greek Solidarity Info-Event

Film footage, images, music, food, discussion, info and solidaritat.

Wed April 28th
7.30pm start.

@ The Emporium

For an 8pm showing of “The Story of a Bank Robbery” (14 mins)and also: Assorted news from the social struggle + News clips from recent events + Discussion.

The evening will also include: Traditional Greek Rebetika outlaw music until 11pm, plus free info, DVDs and food.

Background to “The Story of a Bank Robbery”

Giannis Dimitrakis, the ‘Robbers in Black’ and another spectacle of anarchist terror. Athens, 16 January 2005: A bank robbery is disturbed by a zealous security guard, which leads to the capture of anarchist Giannis (John) Dimitrakis.
For the police, Giannis is a member of the gang of the “robbers in black”, suspected to have been involved in a dozen bank-robberies to fund anarchist projects. Giannis was shot and arrested during the robbery and convicted to a 25-year sentence.
At the start of November 2009, in Greece, the Ministry for Citizen Protection set a price of 600,000 euros on the heads of the rest of the gang, at the same time arguing that they are not only robbers but  also members of terrorist groups.

This DVD is about the state and media terror spectacle which was used as a platform to  attack not only those who had dared to steal from the vaults of the bosses, but also the  widespread and active anarchist movement in Greece.

Wed April 28th
7.30pm start.

The Emporium.
37 Stokes Croft,

directions: https://emporium37.wordpress.com/map/


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